CNC Jig Grinding

Straton Industries grinds O.D.’s and I.D.’s of bores, journals, actuators, carrier assemblies, shafts, housings, pistons, as well as single point machining of brake flanges. We provide full service management of all processes involved with the repair from N.D.T. to plating.

At Straton, we work with companies that require very exacting tolerances of .0001″ or less. Our jig grinding experts accommodate these precise requirements. We can easily work with projects that are up to 12” in height, and they are adept at being able to create holes up to 3.500” deep. As such, the hole diameters will range from .250 – 3.250”. They can also maintain a true position up to .0001”.

We have been in business since 1961, so we have many decades of experience providing precise machining solutions to customers. We are ready to take on the most demanding projects and deliver perfect precision every time, on-time.

Your company can count on us for quality machining solutions.