Straton Industries 


  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

    Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

    Straton Industries offers Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) to our customers. Additive Manufacturing refers to a process by which digital 3D design data is used to build up a component in layers by depositing material.

  • Bobbins for Custom Coil Winding

    Bobbins for Custom Coil Winding

    We can fabricate the coil winding bobbin that you need in materials such as Ryton, Vespel and Peek. High and low quantities are common. Complex shapes and rush deliveries are able to be processed by our production control system.

  • Ceramic Machining

    Ceramic Machining

    We offer our customers precision machining and grinding services for ceramics. All parts are designed and fabricated to customer specs. Services include lathe work, milling, surface machining, fabrication, grinding, honing, drilling, polishing, sawing, turning, tapping and plating.

  • CNC 5-Axis Machining

    CNC 5-Axis Machining

    We have true 5-axis CNC machining capability. Our software systems and our skilled machinists have the ability to quickly manipulate complex design requirements.

  • CNC Jig Grinding

    CNC Jig Grinding

    With one of the largest jig grinding facilities in the world, Straton is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of components. We have CNC (CP) jig grinders that utilize grinding speeds up to 175,000 RPM. We are FAA (XTRR859K) and EASA repair station.

  • CNC Milling

    CNC Milling

    A wide variety of capability and size – 3, 4, and 5 axis. Machine work envelope 40″ X 50″ and 30″ X 60″. 3D high speed machining. Limited dimension drawings are not a problem for us.

  • CNC Long Turning

    CNC Long Turning

    Straton offers big bore solutions for rigorous oil country pipe work, and are also well suited for a wide variety of applications found in the steel and paper mill industries, power plants, ship-building, and mining industries.

  • Compression Fitting

    Compression Fitting

    Got worn out liners in an expensive transmission housing? Straton has the experience and skill to remove old liners and Thermal fit new liners in place. This can also be done as an FAA Repair (XTRR859K).

  • EDM Wire/Sinker

    EDM Wire/Sinker

    Straton provides wire and sinker and high speed EDM drilling. We have multiple machines of each. Our Wire WEDM can cut up to 15″ thick. Our Sinker EDM tanks can accommodate pieces up to 33.80″ x 25.60″ x 12.40″. We can provide CNC or tool room machining support after EDM operations are completed.

  • FAA Repair Station

    FAA Repair Station

    Straton is a Part 145 Repair Station (XTRR859K). Our repair services include actuators, pistons, cylinders, housings, landing gear components and more. We are also EASA certified.

  • Import Manufacturing Inspect

    Import Manufacturing Inspect

    A large inspection team and diversified equipment allow us to verify that outsourced components are to specification. If required, Straton can provide modification, repair and manufacturing process planning. We create inspection criteria to filter out non-conforming product

  • Large Diameter Turning

    Large Diameter Turning

    Our 50,000 lb Hyundai Vertical Turret Lathe offers a 53″ diameter swing, on a workpiece up to 39″ in length making Straton Industries an ideal source for your large diameter turning needs.

  • Mechanical Assembly

    Mechanical Assembly

    We are equipped to transform your components into fully assembled products.

  • Metal Stamping Tooling

    Metal Stamping Tooling

    Starting in 1961, Straton Industries was formerly known as Straton Tool & Die Co.
    Metal stampings, progressive dies and die repairs have been a part of our heritage for over 50 years.

  • Quality Inspection Services

    Quality Inspection Services

    Multiple CMM’s with a large work envelope of 35″W x 31″H and an extended length up to 90″ are the foundation of our well-equipped department. We offer high speed optical measuring in both flat and round components.

  • Rubber and Composite Molds

    Rubber and Composite Molds

    Think of us for your next rubber mold requirement. We build Transfer, Compression and Injection molds. Aluminum to stainless steel – heat treated and plated. Large and small, we do them all!

  • Subtractive / Deductive Manufacturing

    Subtractive / Deductive Manufacturing

    We operate a wide variety of CNC equipment such as single axis lathes – ideal for executing round parts such as nozzles, engine components, and threaded shafts – as well as cutting edge 5-axis machines, which substantially reduce turnaround time by eliminating intermediate setups and enabling undercuts and off-axis features.

  • Welding and Fabrication

    Welding and Fabrication

    Straton does more than just precision machining. We can also provide weldments from prototypes to production quantities. We offer complete manufacturing solutions. Weldments can be painted and assembled also. Our weldments can be fixtures, gauges, assemblies , structural components and brackets.