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Straton Industries Featured on Segment – What’s Right with Schools.


President of Straton Industries in Stratford, David Cremin, was at the school to recruit students to join their workforce while they are still in school. “I’m here to continue to establish our relationship with Platt Tech. We depend on Platt Tech to supply our workforce,” Cremin explained. “We have 18 current Platt Tech grads who work for us. We’re going to onboard two more this year.”

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Lights-Out Precision

CNC Mill

For over 60 years, Straton Industries continually provides Complex Manufacturing…Fast. Many of our operations use Lights-Out Automation, giving us a significant edge over our competitors. We invest in the best technology, equipment and processes to better meet our customers unique application requirements.

FAA Repair Station
XTRR859K / EASA 145.6292

Aerospace FAA Repair

We focus on manufacturing high-quality custom parts and serving the aeronautics industry as an FAA approved certified repair vendor. We work hard to maintain our AS9100, EASA and FAA Repair (XTRR859K) certifications, so our customers can rest assured that we are committed to providing them with the very best products and services.

Quality Inspection

Straton Quality Inspection

Our comprehensive quality inspection department has the latest equipment including multiple CMM’s, optical comparators, laser micrometers, TESA scanners, and Keyence IM-7000. Along with our services to our direct manufacturing clients, Straton provides contracting quality inspection to third party customers.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing Support

Straton provides precision machined components, assemblies and engineering services to the semi-conductor industry.

Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

Straton Industries is proud to be selected once again by NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratories to build components for the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope.

NASA’s current plans call for the Roman Space Telescope to study dark energy, measure the history of cosmic acceleration, complete the exoplanet census begun by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope and demonstrate technology for direct imaging and characterization of exoplanets. Launch is slated for the mid-2020s.

NASA Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Mission Page.

JPL NASA Mission Site.

NASA Europa Clipper

Straton Industries is working with NASA to build parts for the exciting Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter.

NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft will conduct a detailed survey of Jupiter’s moon Europa to determine whether the icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life. The spacecraft, in orbit around Jupiter, will make about 45 close passes over Europa, shifting its flight path for each flyby to soar over a different location so that it eventually scans nearly the entire moon.

NASA Europa Clipper Mission Site.

Mars Rover Curiosity

Straton Industries has been selected by Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) in Pasadena, CA to supply new custom parts for the Mars 2020 Rover Project based on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover configuration.

From NASA’s Perseverance Mar Rover Twitter @NASAPersevere – Ten drill bits brought to Mars. Most are for collecting samples; others, like this one, are for abrading rocks (grinding away the outer surface). That’s all part of getting to the scientific clues hidden inside the rocks.

Canisters made by Straton Industries, Stratford, CT.

CBS News Sunday Morning reports on the progress of NASA’s construction of the Mars rover set for launch in 2020. Straton Industries has been part of this development by supplying the sample tubes featured in this video clip.

To see the full feature report, watch here. For the shorten clip, click on the video above.

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