Straton Industries

Full-Service Precision Custom Manufacturing Experts

We are your full-service contract manufacturing partner for aerospace, defense, semiconductor fixtures and assemblies, FAA component repair and automated "lights out" machining.



Straton specializes in high-quality, high-complexity aerospace and defense components through precision CNC machining. With decades of manufacturing experience, our team excels in everything from intricate parts for aircraft gearboxes to critical components for space exploration. Our expertise covers a wide range of applications, and our passion drives us to produce products that change the world.



We are a comprehensive manufacturing provider, specializing in machining and assembling intricate tooling, fixtures, and components crucial for semiconductor capital equipment and support systems. Rather than manufacturing chips, we collaborate closely with semiconductor makers to supply essential components.

Aerospace FAA Repair


Straton holds certifications as a Part 145 FAA Repair Station (XTRR859K) and EASA 145.6292, offering a range of services such as grinding, stress relief, NDT, and liner replacement. Consider us your solution for grinding and machining requirements.

Your precision manufacturing partner

Capabilities and Equipment

We specialize in creating intricate parts and components with precise tolerances using our expertise in high-speed CNC machining. Additionally, we employ advanced finishing techniques and cutting-edge equipment, coupled with lights-out manufacturing. These capabilities enable us to meet the stringent requirements of customers in aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and other high-tech industries.

Multi-Axis Capabilities

Advanced Multi-Axis Machining for Wide Range of Metals and Shapes

We offer multi-axis capability to produce tight-tolerance shapes in exotic metals and aluminum. Our facility features long-bed machines up to 120 inches in length and a comprehensive array of multi-axis equipment and capabilities, allowing us to efficiently handle projects of varying sizes, from small prototypes to large-scale productions.

Technologies and Services

  • Proto-type to volume production
  • High-volume and batch production
  • Multi-axis milling and turning capability
  • Multi-spindle, multi-turret turning
  • Automatic pallet and robotic services
  • Cleaning and assembly
  • EDM wire and sinker
  • Grinding services
  • Exotic metals, forgings and casting, non-metals
  • High-speed machining
  • Secure file exchange
  • Centralized project management
  • Hardware installation

Model Based Definition (MBD)
Manufacturing Enabled

Rapid Digital Estimating

Straton employs Paperless Parts, enhancing our ability to respond to quote requests 6x faster.


State of Connecticut MBD Curriculum Consultant

The program in Connecticut develops capabilities to leverage the advantages of Model Based Definition through supplier adoption, innovation, and workforce development. Visit CDMCC

State of Connecticut MBD Curriculum Consultant

Direct Import of MBD to Computer Aided Machining (CAM) Software

By utilizing direct MBD to CAM, Straton effectively streamlines production time and significantly enhances quality assurance.

Your precision manufacturing partner