Straton Industries 

Metal Stamping-Tooling

Straton Industries can provide prototypes quickly from the simplest blanking tools to sophisticated progressive dies.

Fully integrated with statistical process control to assure that high volume metal stampings meet with specifications from the first part to the millionth. Straton Industries metal stampings are visible in the aerospace, electronic, medical, commercial and military markets throughout the world. We can provide short runs as well as high volume production stamping with the capacity of up to 75 tons.

Metal Stamping and Tooling Equipment

  • 45 ton Minster Press
  • 32 ton Minster Press
  • (3) 30 ton Minster Presses
  • (2) 22 ton Minster Presses
  • 5 ton Hi-Speed Perkins Presses
  • (3) Smaller Presses (5-15 tons)
  • (2) 28 ton Walsh Presses

Industry News

  • NAM
  • CNC Report
  • 3D Print

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