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Rubber and Composite Mold Repair

Rubber and Composite Mold Design, Construction and Repair

Rubber-composite-mold-die Rubber-mold

Straton Industries’ Rubber Mold Division specializes in compression, transfer, and injection molds, aluminum and steel molds, turbine vane and blade masks. We can design custom rubber molds to mask turbine vanes and blades for shot peen and ceramic coating applications. Mask materials are typically urethane, natural rubber and viton. Our facilities include large capacity CNC machines for multiple cavities, wire EDM and RAM EDM, tig welding, and blanchard grinding.

Straton Industries has been designing and building rubber molds for over 25 years.

We specialize in high quality molds that require a fast delivery time frame. Our design and manufacturing utilizes Solidworks and MasterCam.  Our quality system is AS-9100 certified. Material choices for rubber mold construction can be varied. Heat treating and plating are available as needed. Many of our rubber molds serve customers with complex requirements used in critical applications. Our flexible and fast delivery of molds makes Straton a leading choice for rubber molding companies in the USA.

Straton Industries has extensive history in building rubber molds for the following industries:

  • Medical- seals, check valves, tubing, catheter components, syringe tips
  • Energy-down hole seals, gaskets, oil seals, stabilizers, lining stators, connectors, boots, splices, terminations,
  • Automotive-wire harnesses, electrical connectors, door grommets, vibrations isolators, mounts, transmission seals, diaphragms, bushings, boots, brake seals,
  • Aircraft- O-rings, vane masks, door seals, window seals, acoustic dampening
  • Industrial Products – switch covers, membrane panels, rollers, bellows, strain relief , suction cups, ID tags, key pads, grips, wheels, hose connections, rings, bladders, stoppers
  • Food Industry – compressor seals, isolator mats, cushion rings,
  • Valves and Pumps – valve poppets, reed valves, duckbill valves, umbrella valves, impellers,
  • Military motor mounts, hatch cover gaskets, hydraulic and pneumatic components, rubber wheels, suspension, chassis and frame components.

Rubber Mold Design, Reverse Engineering and Repairs

We offer rubber mold design services for customers that have only a product idea but no formal mold design. We can offer suggestions based upon how a molder prefers to use their existing equipment. We frequently make recommendations on cost saving ideas in the mold design stage as well as the maintenance and repair requirements that may be required. Reverse Engineering is also a service that we offer if there is nothing else available other than an existing sample or mock-up. We have non-contact laser systems as well as ultrasonic touch probes for measuring soft materials for reverse engineering. Mold try out and PPAP (production part approval process) can be performed for customers wishing to be “press ready” when receiving a new mold of a developed design. We also repair and recondition worn molds.

  • Compression, Transfer and Injection molds
  • Composite Mold Tooling
  • Shot Peen Masks & Tooling
  • ASTM D-3182 Specimen Mold
  • Diversity ranges from Precision O-Ring molds to Turbine Engine Vane Mask Molds
  • Prototype and Multi-Cavity Molds
  • Design and Engineering of Molds from Sample or Prints

Aluminum and Steel Molds

  • Large Capacity CNC for Multiple Cavities
  • Wire EDM and RAM EDM
  • TIG Welding
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • 8″, 10″ and 12″ frames in stock

Rubber Mold Repair

  • Repair of in process damage such as broken core pins.
  • Ram or Plunger Repair.
  • Repair of bent or warped plates.