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Wire Sinker EDM

Wire Sinker EDM intricate shapes and close tolerance dimensions from any conductive material and excellent for super-tough and hardened alloys.

We work with a variety of conductive materials including titanium, tantalum, carbide, molybdenum, brass, copper and aluminum. Produce intricate shapes up to 30 degrees of taper and 4-axis capability to add that extra twist to airfoils, vanes and mold electrodes. We can wire cut up to 15″ thick.

Wire EDM, Sinker EDM
Wire EDM, Sinker EDM

High Speed EDM Drilling

Diameters from .012 to .250 drilling for applications such as:

  • Start-hole drilling of workpiece for wire EDM
  • Machining of coolant holes
  • Deep hole drilling for ejector pins
  • Drilling flushing holes in copper electrodes
  • Machining holes in difficult locations

Wire EDM

  • Charmilles 30F Submerged 15.75″ Axis Auto Threading
  • Charmilles Robofil 290 Auto Threading 4 Axis
  • EDM Solutions HP 800 Hole Pop Driller Heindenhain 3-Axis
  • Brother Submersible WEDM
  • Fanuc Robocut a-ioc

Sinker EDM

  • (2) Agie Mondo 50 EDM 100 AMP CNC w/ 16 Tool Changer
  • (2) Agie Mondo 30 EDM 100 AMP CNC w/ 5 Tool Changer
  • (2) Hansvedt EDM Machine with Rotary Head and Attachments, 16″ x 8″, Threading Attachment
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