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Ceramic Machining and Grinding

Ceramics for Every Need

Straton Industries, manufacturer of precision machined components, offers our customers precision machining and grinding services for ceramics. All parts are designed and fabricated to customer specs. Services include lathe work, milling, surface machining, fabrication, grinding, honing, drilling, polishing, sawing, turning, tapping and plating.

Ceramic Machining
Ceramic Machining
Ceramic Machining

Ceramics are defined as non-metallic, heat-formed materials. They include non-crystalline varieties, or glasses, as well as traditional clays. Some recognizable ceramics are bricks of a brick building, dishes, and coffee mugs. Today, however, ceramics have found use in far more advanced applications. Examples include space shuttle engine components, tank armor, superconductors, and piezoelectric devices. Because of their brittle nature, and because of the many specific, advanced forms in which they are now used, there a variety of machining operations that are performed in order to properly create durable, finished ceramic parts.

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